As an International company, Petform strives to set higher standards in the way it deals with all its stakeholders. Whether it is the human resource, raw materials, finished product, machinery or the environment, our internal policies are set to exceed the international standards of a packaging solutions company. Key highlights of our corporate governance such as the environment and CSR is elaborated separately on our website. The below is a general outline of our other key cornerstones that drives the business forward.

  1. Recruitment to ensure Diversity of the Workforce

  2. Petform ensures that our recruitment and selection strategies cater to all ethnic backgrounds to be able to strike a fair representation of the population in the country. We use a combination of with modern technological methods coupled with more traditional methods such as mobile interview to represent the diverse ethnicities of the country.

    We regularly participate in workshops and seminars organised by the schools and universities to promote the opportunities we have for them.

  3. Petform is an Equal Opportunity Employer

  4. Petform provides fair and equal opportunities irrespective of their age, gender, race and religion. Our target is to promote a mutually beneficial environment with a well-disciplined workforce aligned with company’s goals. By being an equal opportunity employer, Petform promotes sound inter-personnel communication, collaboration and co-ordination which is vital for the operation of the organisation.

    in order to be the market leader while providing better solutions to increase productivity and quality of service for customers with complete satisfaction and to achieve both local and international recognition and quality standards with awarding companies.

  5. Employee Development

  6. Petform treats its Human Resource as an integral part of the business. As such, the company periodically organise training sessions for each staff category. These trainings are aimed at providing the latest knowledge and skills to perform their jobs as well as for their career development. Some of the key trainings offered to our employees are as below.

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • All office level employees are offered trainings on their related modules of the ERP to allow the organisation to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate its processes to enhance the efficiency.

    • Sri Lanka Standards (SLS) and International Standards (ISO)
    • Each staff category is offered regular trainings and seminars on the compliance, measurement and monitoring requirements of both SLS and ISO standards to ensure productivity and quality.

    • Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
    • In order to ensure the smooth management of the Human Resource function, we have integrated a Human Resource Information System. This enables us to perform the main administrative side of HR electronically so we have more time and resources to spend on the development side of our employees which brings more value to the business.
      All HR staff are regularly trained to keep up with the latest legal and technological updates on this system.

  7. Recruitment to ensure Diversity of the Workforce

  8. Our culture is not only about making profits. We incorporate a workplace culture where every employee is appreciated for what they do at our organisation and collaborate with each other not only to work towards the organisation’s goals but also to enhance their careers.

    To ensure our employees are motivated, we make sure that we organise annual staff get together events where all staff can meet each other and have a good time. This provides an opportunity for the staff and managers to converse at an informal setting enabling relationship building.

    Another novel way that Petform engage with employees is to encourage them to be innovative and come out with their own suggestions to work related hurdles in their own department. They are free to come up with innovative ideas and talk to the Directors at appropriate times.

    In the event or any organisational change, we always make it a practice to incorporate the suggestions of our staff. Accommodating change and embracing openness and transparency leads to the appreciation of others and the progressive development of the individual and the organisation as a whole.