Eco Friendly Packaging Solutions

At Petform we pursue the art of creating the best packaging solution to protect the freshness of the product. We strive to create the best visual representation of your product to be visually appealing to the customer while preserving the contents. Gain an added advantage of making your brand more appealing to your customers by using our packaging solutions.

We are currently the largest packaging solutions provider in Sri Lanka

We cater to a wide range of medium to larger scale industries including, bottled water, food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and agro chemical. Our export market includes industrial customers and food and beverage customers in many countries.

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Petform in Brief

Established in year 2004, Petform has had a solid track record of catering to a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, bottled water, food and beverages and agrochemical. From the humble beginnings of our home plant in Malwana, Sri Lanka, we have now grown in stature with four state of the art production plants capable of operating at 24/7 capacity.

Our business philosophy is bound to the ideals of being a value addition for our customers by creating eco-friendly, innovative and end user oriented packaging solutions with the minimal impact on the environment.

We continuously invest in our technologies that are capable of producing the most advanced and innovative products while aiming to be a responsible corporate citizen through green manufacturing. Our products as well as our processes are all ISO certified with the ISO 9001 for product design and quality and ISO 14000 certification being awarded for our compliance with the environmental standard.

A Complete Packaging Solution through Green Manufacturing

Petform is continuously investing in new technologies and researching on new raw materials that will help to reduce its carbon footprint. At present, all the products we produce are fully recyclable. Our ambition is to go a step further to identify and use raw materials that is disposed by the nature itself to produce our packaging solutions. This way, we will significantly eliminate artificial raw materials enabling us to become a fully-fledged green manufacturing company in the years to come.

Future Expansion Plan

With our dedicated plant for eco-friendly packaging solutions, we aim to break into new markets in Asia, Europe, North and South America within the next few years. Our emphasis for future will be mainly on green manufacturing and hence the solutions that we offer in the time to come will have a zero impact on the environment.