Formed in 2004, Petform (PVT) Limited was aiming to be the chosen packaging solutions provider in Sri Lanka to the small and medium scale industries. Combined with local expertise and international investments, Mr. P Mathytharan who is the founder and the Managing Director has driven the company to be the second largest supplier of packaging solutions provider in Sri Lanka. The company currently has four production plants and has ambitious expansion plans for future with the main focus being eco-friendly packaging solutions. Petform currently supplies to medium and large scale consumer goods companies in Sri Lanka including some of the best known brand names. We are a trusted supplier of packaging solutions for the below brands in Sri Lanka.


Mr. P. Mathytharan – Founder & Managing Director

Having completed his Advanced Level in a leading school successfully, Mr. P Mathytharan was selected to the University of Colombo to read for the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Sri Lanka (ACA).

Professionally, Mr. P Mathytharan has worked from Junior up to the Senior Audit level at KPMG Sri Lanka between 1998 and 2002. He, went on to join Lanka Equities in 2002 as a Senior Accountant. This company’s main business sector was apparel manufacturing. He had the opportunity to gain experience in the manufacturing and other service sector businesses that the company was engaged in. This was followed by his tenure at Aspic Group as the Financial Controller from 2003 onwards. This company was also a diversified business with interest in both the production and the service sector.

During his working life, he has had the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise on the operations of the export-import sector as well as in both the manufacturing and the service sector in Sri Lanka. Thus, with all this experience and knowledge acquired from working in both the service and the manufacturing sector, in 2004, he launched Petform (PVT) Limited, a complete packaging solutions company to cater to the local and the International market.

He is the founder and the Managing Director of Petform (PVT) Limited. He is a visionary leader focusing on long term relationships with all stakeholders especially the customers and suppliers. He still has his first customer which is a testament for his passion for long term customer relationships. No matter how small the customer or the supplier is, Mr P Mathytharan treat them the same way as he would for a larger business fostering long term business opportunities through trust and loyalty. These are core values of Mr P Mathytharan which is shared among top management team and the employees who work for Petform.

He enjoys playing cricket and watching cricket matches during his spare time. He also enjoys listening to music.

Mr. V.S.P. Kris – Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs

Mr. Kris read for his BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance at the University of London. He fully qualified as an accountant and a statutory auditor in the UK in 1999. He began his professional career as a Junior Auditor at a reputed audit practice in London and progressed up to Audit Manager Level by the year 2002. During his career as a Statutory Auditor, he gained experience in serving clients both in UK and internationally in the manufacturing and service sector industries

He then went on to join a group of companies in the care sector as the Financial Director. Throughout his tenure in this industry, he was exposed to a variety of care related regulatory affairs and financial aspects specific to this industry.

While working professionally, he launched his own practice in UK in 2002, advising medium to large scale business in the UK as a statutory auditor, tax specialist and as a business consultant. As the Principal Partner, he continues this practice as at today.

Throughout his professional life, Mr. Kris has gained a vast amount of experience advising and directly dealing with international businesses in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. With this experience, Kris is more than qualified to advise Petform on all strategic matters. As the Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, his goal is to take the company to the international market and make it a global supplier of packaging solutions within the coming years. He also wishes to take the company towards the concept of green manufacturing whereby all the products will be manufactured from fully recyclable raw materials and all the work processes will have either a zero or a minimal impact on the environment.

Kris enjoys playing cricket and badminton and also watches cricket matches during his spare time. He also enjoys dancing.

Mrs. M. Thayana - Director of Legal Affairs and Administration

Mrs. M. Thaya finished her secondary education in year 2000 at a reputed national school. She was selected to the University of Colombo to read LLB and she successfully completed her degree in 2005. She then qualified as an Attorney at Law from the Law School of Colombo. Her professional work experience commenced in 2006, working as a Junior Legal Officer at Thavanesan & Fernando Legal Consultants in Colombo Sri Lanka. During her time at Thavanesan & Fernando Legal Consultants, she gained experience in handling variety of legal matters of private clients.

Then she went on to become a Legal Advisor in the Norwegian Refugee Council in 2008 and was with them until 2011. During her time here, she broadened her scope with experience and skills on the legal matters related to constitution etc. In 2011, she joined the Bank of Ceylon as a Legal Officer. During this time, she was exposed to the commercial legal aspects of businesses. With the experience in both the commercial and private client related legal aspects, she was a valuable addition to the team at Petform.

Since 2012, she performs the role of the Director of Legal Affairs and Administration at Petform.

Mr. P Prashanth – Director of Finance

Mr. P. Prashanth acts as the Financial Director of Petform (PVT) Ltd. He graduated from the Singapore Institute of Management with a degree in Accounting and Finance. As a motivated young entrepreneur, he has launched his own business locally after graduation. He also has experience in the plastic wholesale and retail industry. Being young and energetic, he always brings innovative ideas on how the company can perform better. He also keeps a close watch on the current market trends and reports to other directors of any new opportunities. Prashanth enjoys playing chess and cricket during his spare time.